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“Milka Gvozdenovic” St. Sava Church - Ladies' Group:
“All the ladies present had a delightful time and truly enjoyed your show!!!”

“Deluca” WDJQ 92Radio:
“Your cards are so getting hung up in the studio.
You are welcome back here anytime.”

“Charlotte” WDJQ 92Radio:
“I am intrigued now.
It was a lot of fun having you in, and
we look forward to talking with you again, soon. ”

“Lindsey Flanick” John Carrol Student Union:
“We really enjoyed your show.”

“Bob McGraph” Olympia Candies:
“Is it to early to book you for next year?”

“Julie Gaul” Fosbel Inc.:
“Thanks Mike your strolling magic really put the extra touch on our party this year.”

“Angie Warmeth” Lets Party :
“My client saw you at Olympia Candy and wanted me to hire you for their wedding.”

“Lisa Kusner” Aurora Outlets:
 “All I can say is wow.”

“Andrew Carper” Wedding (groom):
 “Can you stay a couple more hours? This is great!!!”

“Felica White” Stow-Glen:
 “Thanks Mike our group loved you. When can you come back.”

“Kenneth Conway” First Sergeant USMC:
 “Michael was no less than magnificent as he entertained and amazed over 300 Marines and family members ”

“Sue Keller” Richardson Elementary PTA:
“I can tell Michael put a lot of time and energy into making sure you have extra dynamic Magic.”

“The Times Reporter” Newspaper:
“Michael Oddo is known for his humor and off the wall style.”

“The Visor” Newsletter:
“Michael Oddo is considered the Magic Marvel at Hoban”


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